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Seebohm Hill - Connecting social entrepreneurs and social investors to deliver innovative ways of meeting social need

What we do

Our aim at Seebohm Hill is to bring together the financial resources, skills and capabilities within a local business community to enable social enterprises to operate successfully and sustainably and social investors to earn reasonable social and financial returns.


We do this by:

  1. Identifying community-based social enterprises that are capable of providing innovative solutions to social problems and who need funding and business support to enable them to develop and grow.

  2. Analysing the specific funding needs and resource/capability gaps of each individual social enterprise.

  3. Identifying locally available providers of resources, skills and business development support.

  4. Identifying any remaining gaps in the provision of resources & support that cannot be met by local organisations and sourcing these from national and specialist networks.

  5. Carefully matching individual social enterprises with providers of the support that they require in order to maximise the chances of them attaining operating and financial sustainability and mitigating risk for social investors.

  6. Identifying social investors who are willing and able to provide funding on terms which are affordable for the social enterprise and which maximise the chances of building a sustainable business capable of delivering social and financial returns over the long-term.

  7. Carefully matching social investors who have funds to invest with social enterprises who are looking for capital.

  8. Publication of commentary and research based on what we learn about local social enterprise and social investment markets. 

Our work is currently focused in the north west of England.


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